Support, information and guidance in person in Metro Vancouver, BC, and virtually anywhere, via the web!

A fertility coach provides information, guidance and support to women who are trying to conceive (ttc), or considering it. 

Who seek help:

Once you have decided to try to have a baby, nothing is worse than the disappointment of more than a few negative results...

Health and Fertility Coach


Claire Benson-Mandl

What's a fertility coach?

My Fertility Coach

Proudly affiliated with PCRM

Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Why would I hire one?

Everyone needs support during one of the

most meaningful, and possibly challenging, 

times of a woman's life

  • Women who want to maximize their fertility before they start trying to conceive
  • Women who have tried to conceive without success, and want to know what they can do to change the result
  • LGBTQ women, partnered or not, who want support and guidance in building their families through conceiving a child